My work is focused on the history of women's craftwork.  I am interested in how and why women all over the world throughout history have continued working with needle and thread.  Utility.  Decoration.  Hobby.  Honor.  Every stitch that has pierced fabric or finger is a record of many contexts:  the time and place in which it was made, the hand that held the needle,  and the mind that guided its movements. 

My embroidery, in turn, is my history.  The mistakes missed and left due to a distracted mind.  The tension of a bullion knot affected by anxiety.  The brown dot of blood and stray hair soon to be secreted away with new stitches.  The techniques that guide me are an acknowledgement of what came before, and the finished design is "my letter to the world."  Above all, I seek to show what has been known as Craft and relegated to Women is much more than the sum of its contents.  Thank you.


I am currently on hiatus but do plan to return to this work.